Motto: „We restore and save – give things second life. That’s our job.“

Petr and Ilona Horáčkovi

The company Nábytek Spomyšl s.r.o. was founded by Ilona Horáček in the year 2003. It is interested especially in buying and selling of used furniture and decorations

We sell our furniture and decorations on an area of 5.000 m2 – in the restored farmhouse, number 147, and in the building of a former oasthouse, number 146, which is the perfect three-story sale place thanks to its industrial interior. Here you can choose the ideal furniture and decoration into your specific interior.

Antik Spomyšl has been running since the 90’. The whole process – searching and collecting old items – is both our hobby and job. There are a various group of people loving our goods (coming from all over the Europe – especially from France) – interior decorators, designers, restaurateurs or shop owners which buy here extraordinary furnishings and decorations to their stores. We also have cooperated with Czech and foreign movie companies. But the most important and frequent customers are common Czech people wanting to have something unusual and original in their homes…

It was a pleasure to be involved in the following projects of our clients:

We are recently dealing also with the restoration of various old and unnecessary items which we repair and make them fully functional again – thanks to that we create original pieces of furniture (mostly in industrial style) perfectly fitting into our customers interiors.

We are also running a bleaching company used mostly by carpentry workshops, restorers and varnishers but also small customers which want to bleach their own furniture – even if just one chair.

Via the website we offer old postcard, photos and other small paper collector’s items. There are employees with ZTP disabilities.

You can also buy in our e-shop – – both new and old furniture fittings, locks, furniture parts and glass chandelier shades.

„We enjoy creating, giving things second life. We restore and save – that’s our motto, our job. Throughout our existence more than a million pieces of furniture were sold. A million pieces which were made without cutting down a single tree. That’s amazing.“

Petr and Ilona Horáčkovi